Learning Camp

Suitable for Home Learners, Distributed Learning Schools offering Community Connections courses and Learning Camps, Home School Association programs, as well as classrooms from Grades 5- 12.

 The MarketDay Learning Camp Kit:  

  • Faith based Sessional lessons that span about 9 weeksMarketDay Learning Camps
  • Business Plan Workbook for Students
  • Alternate Business Plan ideas contributed by teachers who have used this MarketDay program very successfully for several years.
  • DVDs of instructional and motivational videos, as well as Power Points for lesson sessions
  • CD of re-produceable resources
  • Session Books: “One Hen” and “Faces of Opportunity”

Both MarketDay Curriculum Programs are a valuable teaching tool for project based, cross-curricular learning that meets many of the new directions in curriculum, recently prescribed by Alberta Education and BC Education.

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As an online school support teacher, I had the pleasure of co-facilitating a MarketDay learning camp with Leona Marks.  I look back on that experience as a definite highlight.  The MarketDay program is incredibly well laid out and easy to follow.  All the components needed to teach the course are right at your fingertips.  The content is thorough and meaningfully teaches the students all about entrepreneurship while showing them what poverty looks like around the world and positive steps to help eradicate it.

The students were challenged to write a solid business plan as they prepared for the very fun finale to the course – the MarketDay market!  The market experience was a great ending to the course.  The students were able to demonstrate their learning of developing businesses as well as exercising their creative muscles in developing their products.  I loved watching them do business with their clients while talking about their products and how their businesses came to be.  The atmosphere at the Market was one of celebration which culminated in being able to donate their profits to an organization that supports micro financing.

I highly recommend this experience to all teachers and students.  You will not be disappointed!

Trish Ensing
Support Teacher and Homeschool Mom, Heritage Christian Online School