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The MarketDay Curriculum has been an excellent hands-on, experiential and cross-curricular program since it began in middle-school classrooms in 2001. It follows a project-based learning approach, where students engage in real-world problems and work together to find solutions.

MarketDay students are actively engaged in entrepreneurial activities that promote teamwork, leadership training and collaboration. The MarketDay student assignments develop their critical thinking and problem solving skills. Students are introduced to entrepreneurial traits and skills and are guided to understand and assess their own abilities.

Career exploration and hands-on experience are built into the program and the MarketDay programs can be used and or adapted to suit Grades 5-12, meeting varying levels of ability within each grade. The program is inclusive, allowing students to work towards individual goals.

The MarketDay activities include basic business math, estimating and probability. Technology (word processing, statistical graphing and graphic design) is widely used, while English Language writing skills and oral team and customer communication skills are practiced and honed.

Humanities and inter-cultural reflections, as well as an understanding of global poverty issues, help round out the curriculum. Social justice and a desire, as well as a means, to change poverty dilemmas, are built into the program. Students are connected with non-profit organizations that are actively changing the lives of people around the world, and invites them to be a part of the solution.

MarketDay has all the potential to equip and inspire young entrepreneurs and give them the tools to start a business. MarketDay will be a great entrepreneurial tool for Indigenous Youth to enter the business market with products reflecting their heritage and culture.

The MarketDay materials have been developed by Certified BC and Alberta teachers.

Please refer to the Alberta and British Columbia pages that show how MarketDay is meeting many of the new directions and desired learning outcomes of the Alberta Education and BC Education Ministry Curriculums.

Click to see how MarketDay fits the new Alberta Curriculum
Click to see how MarketDay fits the new BC Curriculum

Links to the Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Ontario Educational Curriculums will be posted as they are completed.

“I loved that MarketDay brought my school together in group projects working towards a common goal. I really enjoyed learning about business combined with raising money for a worthy cause. Every year it was amazing to see how much money a group of students could raise with many hours of creating a product, an organized business plan, and teamwork.”

~ Carly, MarketDay student participant