The MarketDay Curriculum is an exciting hands-­on teaching module designed to introduce students to entrepreneurship and microfinance: two of the best and most sustainable ways to eradicate chronic poverty in the world.

MarketDay is an initiative of MarketDay Adventures created to give teachers the materials and tools they need to guide their students through an entrepreneurial experience in their own real market setting. The program also provides the teacher with lessons to raise awareness of world poverty issues and the struggles of the entrepreneurial poor.

MarketDay Mission: ERASE local and global poverty through entrepreneurship

Engage youth in exciting, hands on entrepreneurship
Raise up the entrepreneurial talents and skills of youth
Address the chronic issues facing the world’s entrepreneurial poor
Spotlight microfinance as a proven poverty solution
Encourage our future business leaders to embrace philanthropy through microfinance and social enterprise for a more equitable world.

“MarketDay is a great way for children to learn the in’s and out’s of business and have fun. Leona Marks has created an educational experience that includes: entrepreneurship, budgeting, planning, writing and arithmetic, artwork, teamwork and, most importantly discipleship and missions. This project based learning approach impacts students in ways that they will remember for the rest of their lives. I have observed these events as a school administrator but what I have enjoyed most is attending a MarketDay and seeing firsthand, students who are using their skill and effort to have a meaningful impact in world missions.”

Gregory Bitgood
Superintendent, Heritage Christian Schools